MONDAY: Punnett Squares

Classwork: PS Notes and Practice (PP to come by EOD)
Homework: Complete PS Worksheet

TUESDAY (35 Minute Classes): Di-Hybrid Punnett Square

Classwork: PS Practice
Homework: Study flashcards

WEDNESDAY: Non-Mendelian Genetics

Classwork: Di-Hybrid Punnett Square Practice and Gallery Walk Notes (Completed notes uploaded by EOD)
Homework: PS Practice Worksheet and Dominance WKST

THURSDAY: Non-Mendelian Genetics

Classwork: Incomplete and Co-Dominance Practice
NOTES from class:
Homework: Study for Quiz tomorrow

FRIDAY: Punnett Square Quiz (Tentative)

Classwork: Punnett Square Practice Quiz
Homework: PSDA.1VD.2 Practice