Classwork: Competition in an ecosystem (see classmate for notes)

Homework: Would you rather question and defense.

Classwork:Exponential and Logistical Growth (obtain notes from a classmate)

Homework: Exponential and Logistical Growth Worksheet

Classwork: Populations virtual lab

Homework: Complete Virtual Lab and Post lab questions

Classwork: What is a CER? Sea otter CER'
Sea Otter Evidence Handout

Homework: Complete CER if not done, Study for quiz
Topics covered: limiting factors, carrying capacity, logistical growth, exponential growth, niche, competitive exclusion principal , interspecific competition, intraspecific competition, resources for animals and plants, and community relationships (symbiotic relationships, predator-prey, and herbivore-prey). Review notes, class handouts, and homework from our ecology unit.

Classwork: Second ecology quiz.
Homework: None